Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry panzanella – with some negative criticism

So, I have again disappeared! But don’t worry; now I won’t start giving you a hint about some big things in progress I cannot tell you a word about. I still prepare recipes and photos for the Stahl Magazine (a Hungarian magazine). And this recipe was not accepted for the next issue of the magazine. Well, perhaps I am just a fool, but I like it very much, though! By the way, have I already mentioned that the first comment of real negative criticism appeared on my Hungarian blog some weeks ago? I missed it anyway!
But trust this recipe. Last year at the Gourmet Festival (one of Hungary’s largest festivals dedicated to gastronomy) our croissant with strawberry, prosciutto, dried tomato and basil prepared together with the Budai Bakery was one of the favourites. The boys at the bakery always tell me that everybody still wants this croissant. And this panzanella is almost the same!

Strawberry panzanella

Strawberry panzanella

-  4 slices of brioche (not too sweet), cut in cubes, toasted
- 400 g strawberry, cut in halves
- 60 g paprika salami, torn in pieces
- 1 bunch basil, finely chopped
- 80 g mold-ripened goat’s milk cheese (e.g. Chabichou), crumbled
- 80 g dried tomato, chopped
- balsamic cream

For the sauce:

- 100 g butter, browned


1. Mix the ingredients of the salad.
2. Serve it with browned butter.

But do not expect losing weight if you eat this salad.

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